6 July 2020
2018.07.27 - 17:26
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Iran Officially Protests at Pompeo’s Meddlesome Remarks

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has submitted a letter of protest to the Swiss embassy in Tehran, the protector of Washington’s interests, following US Secretary of State Mike Pompeosinterventionist remarks and unfounded allegations made at an anti-Iran gathering in California.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has submitted a letter of protest to the Swiss embassy in Tehran, the protector of Washington’s interests, following US Secretary of State Mike Pompeosinterventionist remarks and unfounded allegations made at an anti-Iran gathering in California.

In a statement on Wednesday, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said the letter contained Tehran’s protest against the US government, and condemned the groundless statements of the US Secretary of State, which were a clear instance of meddling in the Islamic Republics internal affairs.

“In the letter, Mike Pompeo’s remarks were slammed as a violation of the United Nations Charter and the mutualcommitments of the US government, in particular The Algeria Declaration,” he noted, adding that Washington must be held accountable for such violations.

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